Brandt England

Biography of Brant England

Brandt Alan England was born on August 21, 1963, in Oklahoma City. He was the son of an executive with Owens-Illinois. His father's career compelled the family to move around from place to place. 

By the time Brandt England was 18, the family had moved a total of 9 times. At the time of his graduation, his family was living in the state of Ohio, and he enrolled at the University of Toledo. Brandt maintained a busy schedule and was heavily involved with leadership activities within the college. He won several prestigious awards recognising his dedication to excellence. England studied marketing and management, earning his B.B.A. 

England participated in student government and ran for Student Body President. It was an election with the highest turnout in the school's history, Brandt England won the most votes and was chosen for the position. In addition, he held the title of the Vice President of both Sigma Phi Epsilon and the Student Union Board. 

Brandt England held a diverse range of jobs while at Toledo's University, even working as a University Police Dispatcher. This acquainted him with the ins and outs of choreographing police response to problems on campus. As the Director of the University of Toledo's Student Directory, he put his hand to sales and achieved a rate of 56% greater sales for the school. He learned skills that would stay with him in later years and that would equip him for a life in leading business ventures. 

Brandt England served as both the Chairman and the President of the school's Academic Council. In addition, he was chosen to represent the University as one of their Presidential Ambassadors. The program designates students from a range of academic backgrounds to represent the school to the community at large. Students chosen represent hospitality, good character, and strong traits of professionalism. They volunteer their time to meet with local dignitaries, community leaders, elected officials, and the general public. 

Additionally, Brandt England served on the University of Toledo's Board of Trustees, their Presidential Inauguration Committee, and on the University's Discipline Appeals Board. Brandt remained focused on providing leadership to his peers from a very young age. Working for the appeals board would have given him a fundamental understanding of the ways in which rules can be applied with fairness and with a discipline to achieve the greater good for all parties involved. 

While educated at the University of Toledo, Brandt England was engaged in community service, winning awards and accolades for his time invested in the service of others. He was named in the Who's Who list of American college students, three years in a row, and he received the Charles J. Bushnell Community Service Award. England was selected to join in and participate with the National Youth Leaders' Conference, and he would go on to win the Top Performer Award from Kiwanis. 

After graduating, Brandt England relocated to Nashville, TN, He went to work for Georgia-Pacific, a company who manufactures packaging for products, chemicals such as the cellulose needed for the production of paper products, wood products for building, and hygiene items for the home. At the time of England's employment, Georgia Pacific was a Fortune 100 company. 

After working for Georgia Pacific, Brandt England moved to Wilmington, NC, where he became employed for Weyerhaeuser, a company that provides lumber solutions for businesses. At that time, Weyerhaeuser was listed in the Fortune 100. During his tenure, England was named Most Valuable Player for the company's entire Southern region. 

Brandt England would later move to Las Vegas, Nevada and start his own company, He would eventually sell that company and would find employment working for the Shriners Children's Open. For the last 9 years, England has assisted the Shriners with their work that benefits their children's hospitals. He has operated as the Children's Open Divisional Chairman. 

The Children's Open is a PGA golf tournament that serves to raise money for the work the Shriners do with their children's hospitals. In total, they have treated more than 1 million kids, without charge, at their 22 hospitals. The Shriners hospital network is the largest system of paediatric care with sub-speciality in the world and has the United States' largest staff of paediatric orthopaedic surgeons. They provide outstanding service for those suffering spinal cord injuries and have a first-class paediatric burn care unit.

Brandt England has donated hundreds of hours of his time on a yearly basis to this cause
and has been the person responsible for coordinating the corporate hospitality regarding the Children's Open. The event is very important, as it is the one that generates the most revenue through fundraising. In addition, it also receives a heavy amount of coverage on television, as the Golf Channel dedicates around 15 hours to the event. Champions have included Wes Short, Jr., Smylie Kaufman, Ben Martin, and Tiger Woods. 

Other prestigious appointments for Brandt England include having been the President of the HOA for the Inlands and having sat as a member of the board of the Corpus Christi Parish Council. England has had experience as the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce's Vice President and has assisted in the annual fund drive for Muscular Dystrophy. He was even appointed Chairman for the event. 

Brandt England is a competitive and motivated entrepreneur who enjoys participating in charities and engaging with those who need his help. He is an avid golfer who thrives on daily exercise, tennis, and a host of other outdoor activities. Brandt England is a family man, he maximises his time away from work with his wife of 17 years, Jill England, and their 13-year-old daughter, Madison England.